Advantages of SPC flooring

Nov 12, 2021
①Green and environmentally friendly, zero formaldehyde
Healthy, green, and environmentally friendly building materials are the goal that people strive for. The main source of formaldehyde in the floor is glue. Glue is needed for most floor installations. Laminate floors are made of glue. Therefore, the problem of formaldehyde has always been difficult to avoid in decoration. The reason why SPC floor can achieve zero formaldehyde addition comes from its unique material and composition.

SPC floor is by extruder combined with T mold PVC base material extrusion, calendering machine respectively PVC wear-resisting layer, printing layer and stone crystal base material, one-time heating laminating, embossing products, simple process, laminating by heat, do not need glue. SPC stone crystal floor in the basic level of the main material for natural stone powder, tested by the national authority, the material does not contain formaldehyde and any radioactive elements, can provide a comfortable and healthy environment for residents. 


②Waterproof, skid proof, fire retardant
SPC flooring has a strong waterproof performance. Solved the traditional wood floor because of humidity and mildew, arch, peculiar smell. Compared with THE PVC floor of LVT sheet, the stone powder content of locktype SPC floor is higher, and the paving without glue can effectively avoid the deformation of glue caused by soaking water. The SPC floor soaked in room temperature tap water for 24 hours, its surface did not appear bubble deformation and other conditions, and its expansion rate is only 0.12%, compared with other floor products, the expansion rate can be ignored, so it can be seen that the waterproof performance of SPC floor is extremely superior.

SPC floor soaked in 23 degrees water temperature for 24 hours, water absorption expansion thickness is only 0.02% deformation coefficient can be almost ignored.

In addition, the SPC floor fire index can reach B1 level, second only to stone, and the SPC floor itself will not burn, high temperature is not easy to deformation, can effectively play the role of flame retardant.

SPC floor fire retardant test

③Super wear-resistant:
Aggrandizement wood floor is the relatively wear-resisting material in floor industry at present, the wear-resisting degree of its 3 oxidation 2 aluminum surface can achieve 12000 turn above. SPC floor surface according to the thickness of the PVC wear-resisting layer is different, wear-resisting degree is not the same, 0.55mm PVC wear-resisting layer can reach 12000 RPM, compared to the texture of the soft LVT PVC floor its wear-resisting, impact resistance is stronger.

Because the abrasion resistance of SPC floor is superior, so in hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, vehicles and other places with large flow of people, SPC floor is more and more popular.

Comfortable feet, noise reduction and antibacterial:
SPC floor feet feel comfortable, and has a good elastic recovery and impact resistance, not easy because of external impact and damage, depression and other problems. SPC products with cork pads or EVA foam at the bottom can effectively absorb the impact force, thus reducing the reaction force to the body when falling.
The bottom cushion also has good sound-absorbing performance, which can effectively reduce the transmission of ground noise. SPC floor surface coating can inhibit bacterial reproduction to play an antibacterial effect, so that children and the elderly can better contact with the floor, comfortable and healthy.

Low expansion coefficient without expansion joints
Low expansion coefficient is the biggest advantage of SPC stone crystal floor compared with traditional ground materials, which can effectively avoid thermal expansion and contraction caused by the external environment and avoid floor deformation. Thanks to the characteristics of low expansion coefficient, in the paving process of SPC crystal floor, large area paving can be realized and expansion joints are not reserved.

Traditional floor paving more than 8 meters will need to install t-shaped strip, and stone plastic floor can do large area paving 400 square meters without T-shaped strip, and in the whole house paving door position does not need to install buckle.

-- SPC flooring, larger partition free paving area than traditional flooring!


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