What is SPC Flooring/RVP(rigid cinyl plank)?

Nov 12, 2021
SPC Flooring is the "hard PVC floor" within the scope of the national standard GB/T34440-2017; SPC is the commercialized name of this category of products. The abbreviation SPC in English, it is the abbreviation of stone plastic composite in English, literally translated as stone plastic composite material, abbreviated as stone plastic floor.

It mainly uses calcium carbonate as the raw material, combined with the surface of the PVC wear-resistant layer and the decorative layer, usually the bottom layer is a new type of floor material composed of a soft and quiet backboard elastic layer. It is very popular in home improvement and commercial markets and has a wide range of uses.

SPC flooring has many advantages that traditional flooring does not have, such as no added formaldehyde, super environmental protection; waterproof, non-slip, fireproof, insect-proof and mothproof; comfortable, sound-absorbing, wear-resistant, suitable for geothermal, strong decoration, fast installation and construction, etc.

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